Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Interactive map of around 400 community orchards in the UK

The Orchard Network has a new interactive map of around 400 community orchards across the UK. Can you help tell them about community orchards in Staffordshire? We're currently just a big gap on their map!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Burslem Park allotment

"Changing lives: how park life helped Matt, Pat and Tom", a long news story on the Burslem Park volunteers, and their allotment...

"A new allotment in the park provides a sustainable project to utilise their skills. They grow potatoes, vegetables and summer fruits, which are made into hearty meals and tasty puddings in the park’s new Pavilion CafĂ©. The profits are then used to buy seeds, creating a virtuous cycle."

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Gardiners Reclamation

Added to the sidebar Web links: Garden Ornaments at Gardiners Reclamation in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent. If you just want old ceramic chimney pots, there's also the vintage chimney pot shop by Longport train station.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Gardeners Journal, from Royal Stafford

15% off when you place an online order for the fine tableware made in Burslem at Royal Stafford. Just use the code 'SUMMER16'. Their Gardeners Journal range seems very suitable for allotment gardeners...

Step Up To Higher Education - new access course for mature students

Interested in getting a university education in Stoke? Staffordshire University has a free "Step Up To Higher Education - University Foundation Certificate" course. On completion, this lets adults access the first year of a degree as mature students.

Those considering this course can now have a drop-in chat on any Wednesday (9.30am to 12 noon) at One Smithfield (the new Council building in Hanley). Or just email them direct on: stepup@staffs.ac.uk

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

New allotments site in Biddulph

A new 31-plot allotments site is planned for Biddulph, to partly fill what the council has identified as a need... "for approximately 50 allotments within Biddulph". Given the very large amount of new homes that the Staffordshire Moorlands is set to build over the next decade, I'd guess they'll be needing a lot more allotment plots than that in due course.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Is your lettuce wilting? Blame 'global Brawming'.

It looks like the Remoaners' last remaining tactic is to try to blame anything they can on Brexit, in a bizarre and increasingly hilarious continuation of their earlier 'Project Fear'. They're especially keen to switch blame from the weather to Brexit. Here are just a couple of examples from today's papers...

* Shopper numbers down a bit, on the High St.? "Nothing to do with all that wet weather we had! It's Brexit!"

* House prices dipped a bit? "Nothing to do with the totally normal midsummer cut in asking prices. It's Brexit!"

I doubt most people believe it, any more than they believed all the 'Project Fear' nonsense before the vote.

Will the Remoaners also try to blame the current heatwave on Brexit? "Nothing to do with the sun being hot in July. Lettuces wilting? Blame Brexit!"

I wouldn't be surprised if, tomorrow, some especially over-broiled London journalist reaches for a headline-grabbing combination of Brexit and Global Warming. Global Brawming, anyone?

Here's a corrective on the house price hysteria, from today's Express, which is rapidly becoming a half-readable newspaper once again (it used to be appalling). Certainly a better option than the wall-to-wall pro-EU spin that seems to infest the BBC News website these days, at least.

The article shows fairly clearly that house prices are actually fairly normal for the time of year...